More maps! and some cautionary words

I am a woman of my word. When I told you in my last post that I would be back with more maps, I’d already started writing this. You’ll remember that I was using the R package leaflet to visualise data from the Stack Overflow Developer Survey on a world map. I’ve taken what I learnt then, and with just some small tweaks to the data, I’ve got some more maps to show you!

But - this post isn’t all the joy of maps. It’s also about the problems with maps. They look great but are they the right way to visualise data? The answer, as it basically always is, is: sometimes not.

Before we get to that sobering realisation, let’s allow ourselves to enjoy some more leaflet-generated maps.

More maps from the SO developer survey data

Data scientist

After looking at gender in my previous post, this time I wanted to look at how many respondents to the survey said they were data scientists. As a female data scientist, I am not at all narcissistic, you can see. But if you want to look at a different profession or indeed any other survey result I haven’t covered, you can use my code with small adaptations.